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The FDI Debate: Political Drama or Economic Reform?
December 11, 2012, 1 Comment

[A guest post by Nupur Gupta. Nupur is an Oxford economics graduate specialising in monetary policy issues in India, ...

Barack Obama- The 44th Puratchi Thalaivar of the United States of America
November 8, 2012, 5 Comments

Let me start with a confession: I’ve always found the American electorate hard to understand. In 2010, in what was hai ...

Burning the Gag or Gagging the Burners
August 24, 2012, Comments Off

[A guest post by Manav Bhushan]  In the past 2-3 weeks, a socio-political storm of a new kind has been raging in India. ...

The Age of Instant Gratification
August 11, 2012, Comments Off

To stop wasting time is an enviable pursuit. Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab- is a mantra that has been spewed timel ...

Will to Power
June 27, 2012, Comments Off

[A guest post by Semanta Dahal on the ongoing saga of constitution-drafting in Nepal. Semanta can be contacted at the3r ...

Talking Politics: Indian MPs Excite and Frustrate Oxford Audience
May 8, 2012, 2 Comments

[A guest post by Anup Surendranath and Dhvani Mehta on a fascinating tete-a-tete with a delegation of visiting Indian MP ...

Recipe for a Tussle: Constitution Drafting in Nepal
March 22, 2012, 1 Comment

[A guest post by advocate Semanta Dahal arguing against the recent proposal in the Nepalese Constituent Assembly for a s ...

Voters Call for Meritocracy in Politics: Government Seats are Not Family Heirlooms
March 18, 2012, Comments Off

For those that have dismissed Indian politics as irreversibly sclerotic and corrupt, the results of the UP elections are ...

Dow Shalt Not Pass: A Response
March 18, 2012, 12 Comments

[A response by Kartik T to Arghya, Umakanth and Prateek]  On the issue of Dow Chemical’s (part) sponsorship of the Lo ...

Dow, Olympics and Bhopal: An Open Debate
March 13, 2012, 26 Comments

Dow Chemicals’ sponsorship deal with the International Olympic Committee and specifically their offer to construct the ...