Movies Critical Digest 11.03.2012

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1.  There were zero surprises at the Oscars this year and despite having more pomp, the  ceremony is getting more boring and predictable (or so they feel, over at The Vulture).  It could be because the Academy simply does not have a sense of humour– and that’s not my opinion, the facts speak for themselves!

2.  It’s official! Community is making a comeback! For those of you who don’t seem to understand what the big fuss around this show is all about, this might be a good starting point.

3.  You thought Real Housewives of New Jersey was the pits? How about a new reality show about another bunch of rich, loud idiots except they’re from Iran. Another gem from the Ryan Seacrest treasure trove, “Shahs of Sunset” does its best to dispel myths about the American Muslim community.  And how.

4.  If you haven’t yet watched this hard-hitting video about the war criminal Joseph Kony,  you obviously do not have an internet connection.  But like anything that goes viral, this very serious subject has been deluged by a wave of ridiculousness that can only be manufactured on the internet.  Like this um, “song” by TMZ or this hilarious prank.  But then everybody knows that you aren’t really an insane despot till you get your own meme or two.

5. From time immemorial, people have despaired over the Star Wars prequels. They cant just be ignored because, like it or not, they’re a part of canon.  But how to unsee Jar Jar Binks and how to unhear midichlorians? Some have found a solution:  the Machete order, which, by rearranging the viewing order of the films, promises a far superior Star Wars experience than envisaged by George Lucas.  Or Topher Grace’s edited version which is apparently quite good, but is sorely lacking in gripping dialogue about intergalactic trade.

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