The other things that happened on Day 3

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That innings has been written about here, here, here, here, here, here and here. So I am going to write about the other things that also happened on Day 3.

Cheteswar Pujara gets a taste of the life of a lawyer

So you’ve finally made it to the Test team. You’ve forced your way through by the sheer dint of runs scored. You’ve done well on the field and gotten your team a run out through a brilliant throw side on. But you’re really a batsman and you can cement your place in the team of tomorrow with a well timed 50-60 odd. Visions of glory start dancing in your head as you see the bowling is mostly pedestrian and the pitch barely responsive.

And then that innings happens. And that partnership. You sit there with your pads on for six hours. More than any debutant ever in the history of cricket. You watch solid defence and great stroke play, and you are straining at the bit to go on and show off your solid defence and great stroke play.

At last, sometime in the post lunch session, you get your turn. You’ve got the nerves and the butterfly stomach situation, but the Great Man is at the other end and the bowlers are tired.

The second ball you cream through the covers for a four. Test cricket doesn’t seem so hard.

And then you get that ball.

Zipping in from way outside off stump, you see it move in line… but horror of horrors! It’s a shooter! You bend, try to get your bat in the way, but it’s all in vain. You don’t even need to look up to see the umpire raising his finger. You know you’re a goner.

On so many days you prepare for a case, get everything ready, hope against hope that you will get a chance to show off your preparation and your legal skills and your oratory. You wait for days for the case to reach, sit in court patiently just in case the other case gets over quickly, and then finally, finally, when it’s your turn… its adjourned. In less than a minute. This is of course, if your case is actually taken up and not removed from the list or deleted from the board for what seems to be no apparent reason. You sigh and move on, and hope there’s another chance somewhere around the corner.

“Che”, I feel your pain, man.


The Futility of Being Nathan Hauritz

At some point, most Indian fans stopped enjoying the remorseless beating being handed out to little Nathan Hauritz in Bangalore.

India is not always the best of places for non-subcontinental spinners, and many greater than little Nathan have gone back with nightmares and bad experiences where batsmen relentlessly charge out of the crease and keep hammering them into the stands as the crowds bay for your blood and cheer the batsmen on.

It is the rare spinner that goes back home without suffering major trauma. Little Nathan will not be one of them.

What do you do really? Attack the batsmen and find the ball sailing over your head? Bowl defensively and watch as singles are milked off your bowling with remorseless regularity? Keep them men and close and watch the boundaries flow? Or push them back and give away singles galore?

At the end of the long hard day of unremitting punishment, little Nathan reminds of you that kid in your class who always seems to bring out the worst in the biggest bullies (your teachers) who somehow seem to find fault with everything he does. You just want to put your arm around his shoulders, give him a comforting pat on his back and tell him it’s (probably) going to be ok.

The Other Source of Entertainment for the Day

The people of Bangalore were spoiled for choice when it came to entertainment options today. On the one hand, there was the cricket in Chinnaswamy Stadium with Tendulkar at his best flogging Australia around the ground. A cricket ball’s throw away, in the Vidhana Soudha, Karnataka’s MLAs put on quite a show in their combined effort to convince the people of Karnataka that democratic government is really great because of the sheer entertainment value of the spectacle.

If the events of today were put into a script, it would be instantly derided as a typically unbelievable C-grade movie. Layers of “security” were forcefully and destructively breached by the disqualified MLAs as they sought to assault the citadel of Vidhana Soudha and cast their vote in the no-confidence motion. So charged up were they for the love democracy that no force on earth (or at least no force capable of being mustered by the Karnataka Police) could stop them from barging into the Assembly and exercising their democratic rights, Speaker ruling or no ruling.

Credit must go the Speaker for performing a near super human task. Amidst the din and chaos that had taken over the House, he was able to call for a voice vote, and stunningly, be able to tell that the Government had managed to get the two votes more they needed to carry the motion. So stunned were some of the distinguished Members that the only response they could think of was to channel Salman Khan and express their awe (at the Speaker’s superhuman abilities) and anguish (at the fact that they had just lost the vote).

In a testimony to their commitment to the principles of separation of powers and federalism, the disgruntled MLAs ran across the road (literally) to the High Court of Karnataka and Raj Bhavan to remedy the grave wrongs committed against democracy. Then the Government and all its MLAs flew to Delhi to demand the President uphold the principles of federalism and not dismiss the Government under Article 356. The commitment to the principles of constitutionalism among the elected Members of the legislature have touched the people of Karnataka greatly.

A plague on all their Houses.

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