Till 2015

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Dear reader,

Scarcely have I felt as much joy as I did when Dhoni smashed Kulasekara for six last Saturday. Actually, I’ll rephrase that- I have never felt as much joy and I don’t think I will for a long time. Last Saturday erased 24 years of miserable losses, gallant performances in losing causes, meek surrenders, inexplicable defeats and tearful exits by team India that I had been witness to, every four years as far as my memory goes. Those happy pictures of Mohinder Amarnath getting Michael Holding lbw etched firmly in my memory have become happier now as they share space with Dhoni’s six and the steely determination in his eyes watching the ball and India sail away to a glorious future.

It has been an absolute joy bringing the World Cup to you on CriticalTwenties. We were worried when we put Sachin’s watermark on the World Cup section; would he have his swansong? Or would it be another case of so-near-yet-so-far? As we close the World Cup section, the questions have answered themselves. So in celebration, we bring to you a final set of World Cup posts by Suhrith, Anisha and Alok, our World Cup team, on the topsy-turvy journey of an Indian cricket fan from the depths of misery in 1987 (or 1992 depending on where in the CriticalTwenties each of us are!) to the giddy heights of delirium in 2011.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this section as much as we have bringing it to you. Till 2015!


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