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The 32nd Session of the HRC and the SOGI Resolution
June 29, 2016, Comments Off

This is a guest post by Sharan Bhavnani, a third year student at National Law School, Bangalore. The author can be conta ...

Why America Will Grow
June 16, 2016, Comments Off

This is a guest post by Jai Vipra. The author is a Master of Public Policy Candidate (2017) at Oxford. The author can be ...

supreme court
Constitutionalising the Administration of Higher Educational Institutions – An Important Supreme Court Decision
January 13, 2016, Comments Off

This article was first published on Kafila. The Supreme Court bench comprising of Justice Chelameshwar and Justice Sapre ...

Thoughts on Tamasha – What Not to be in Life
December 15, 2015, Comments Off

A Guest Post by Suharsh Sinha In Federico Fellini’s masterpiece, La Dolce Vita, the wistful faux intellectual, Mr. Ste ...

poor jokes
Jokes as Intellectual Property: Not Just Kidding!
November 23, 2015, Comments Off

Internet has empowered us to showcase our humour skills like never before. In last four years, India has seen a massive ...

Supreme Court of India
Thoughts on Aadhar: Yet Another Blow to Finality
October 16, 2015, Comments Off

By Vishwajeet Singh Bhati and Aradhya Sethia (Thanks to the timely vacation and internship opportunities, both of us wer ...

Saying Goodbye
October 9, 2015, Comments Off

This is a guest post by Ayushi Agarwal, a third year student at National Law School, Bangalore Lucknow has always been m ...

The Paradox of Being
September 23, 2015, Comments Off

This is an anonymous post. Every journey I take away a lesson from. And yet I sink back into immanence the moment I am d ...

23rd Convocation
Law School: Reflections and Parting Thoughts of A ‘Soon-to-be’ Alumnus
August 31, 2015, 2 Comments

This is a guest post by Dibyojyoti Mainak. Dibyojyoti Mainak graduated from National Law School of India University, Ban ...

Linguistic Barriers to Justice in Indian Criminal Procedure
August 9, 2015, Comments Off

This is a guest post by Abhinav Sekhri (Advocate, Delhi) and Jinal Dadiya (BCL Candidate, Oxford University) Despite be ...