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Hasta Siempre Luis Aragones

For the first eight minutes of the game between Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad today, there was an eerie silence in the Vicente Calderon stadium. You could hear the players speaking to each other, coaches barking …

Tarun Tejpal, Former Editor, Tehelka
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You-are-not-like-a-father-to-me/ Dear world, allow me to be a slow girl

On the top 5 mind-numbing pieces of ‘logic’ one hears after saying no to a senior colleague’s advances at a workplace. On examining father-daughter, or ‘like’ father and daughter relationships. On charges of elitism and permissiveness, and women. And on a woman’s right to seek alternate forms of justice.

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A Tale of Two Speeches

I have spent every 15th August that I can remember, waking up to the live telecast of the Prime Minister’s speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort in the morning and listening to patriotic Bollywood …

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Ship of Theseus (2013)

There’s a moment in Anand Gandhi’s Ship of Theseus when a young legal intern in the middle of a long didactic spiel, hesitatingly asks an ailing monk who refuses to take medicine because of his principled …

Pacific Rim
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Pacific Rim (2013)

(Note-some spoilers ahead, but if you’re watching Pacific Rim for the plot, I can save you the trouble and tell you that obviously the humans win in the end- Alok) The best boxer in the world …