poor jokes
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Jokes as Intellectual Property: Not Just Kidding!

Internet has empowered us to showcase our humour skills like never before. In last four years, India has seen a massive proliferation of online humour industry like never before. Many of the performances may fall under …

Supreme Court of India
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Thoughts on Aadhar: Yet Another Blow to Finality

By Vishwajeet Singh Bhati and Aradhya Sethia (Thanks to the timely vacation and internship opportunities, both of us were lucky to witness the ongoing proceedings in the Aadhar matter at the Supreme Court) A degree of …

Kashmir valley
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“Colourful Red Valley” by Mamidipudi Mukunda

Two years ago, by chance, I worked with one separatist leader in an organisation in Delhi. Rayees was sent to Delhi by his ailing mother, with the singular hope of reducing his chances of going to …

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Saying Goodbye

This is a guest post by Ayushi Agarwal, a third year student at National Law School, Bangalore Lucknow has always been my second home. After my grandmother’s death, my mom and grandfather shifted from Calcutta and …

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The Paradox of Being

This is an anonymous post. Every journey I take away a lesson from. And yet I sink back into immanence the moment I am done imbibing it. Makes one wonder about the fallaciousness of being human. …