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Kashmir valley
“Colourful Red Valley” by Mamidipudi Mukunda
October 15, 2015, Comments Off

Two years ago, by chance, I worked with one separatist leader in an organisation in Delhi. Rayees was sent to Delhi by h ...

A Team to Select. A Series to Win.
August 19, 2015, Comments Off

In the coming week, cricket will lose two giants of the game- a captain who fell at the cusp of greatness and a wicketke ...

Guest Post by Ananya Mody: “Thoughts From Travel- Why I need You”
July 26, 2015, Comments Off

We are what deep, driving desire is. Hypothetically, if I were to be granted unlimited means, I’d use the opportunity ...

Land Acquisition: What would Ronald Coase have to say?
July 19, 2015, Comments Off

  Let us consider a common scenario that arises when you travel by air. A lot of people like to complain about airl ...